Home Lab Update #1

So I have been using my Hyperconverged RHV environment and it’s been working nicely for me. I upgraded the switch that hosts the Ceph Cluster interfaces to a 10g backplane which definitely helped with performance, but that’s isn’t what I wanted to post about. I wanted to post about Christmas!

CephFS Backed Red Hat Virtualization

I have been working on a home lab and since I haven’t had much experience with Gluster and we now support CephFS, I wanted to take a swing at deploying a CephFS backed RHV cluster. First, apparently this is not a supported deployment configuration from Red Hat at the time

Inspecting Introspection

Have you ever had a time where introspection was “running” and you were thinking “I really wish I could login to that machine and see what is going on….”? We have all been there and we have all speculated if there was a default password in there or SOMETHING that

Red Hat OSP13+: Ad-hoc Patching Containers

Recently I experienced unhealthy containers in my OSP13 deployment: [root@overcloud-controller-0 ~]# docker ps | grep unheal 8d1596305185 "kolla_start" 23 hours ago Up 23 hours (unhealthy) gnocchi_statsd ef2aeb43a2f0 "kolla_start" 23 hours ago Up 30 minutes (unhealthy) nova_placement Taking a closer look at them, gave me something to look for:

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