About Me

About Me

Well, where to start? My name is Darin Sorrentino and the photo above is me and my family!

I am the father of two incredible kids, Kacey and Zack! My daughter Kacey is interested in tennis, fashion and like every other teenage girl, social media. My son Zack spends his time playing Fortnite when he is not participating in baseball, basketball or running. I live with my amazing fiance Glenda in Lexington, SC where we are enjoying the laid back life of southern living! All of us enjoy doing Escape Rooms and between the four of us, collectively we have participated in 50+ rooms of which we’ve only not escaped from 3.

I’ve been in the IT field since 1997 where I worked on mainframe’s at AT&T playing in MVS with JCL, COBOL and DB2 (IEFBR14 FTW!) I’ve worn many hats over the years varying from database admin, developer, system administrator to cloud architect, which is what I do today at Red Hat! I am currently working as a Sr. Solutions Architect at Red Hat helping our customers leverage virtualization technologies, such as Openstack and Red Hat Virtualization to meet their infrastructure needs.

In my spare time, I am a collector (and consumer) of whiskey! I have about 100 unique bottles of whiskey in my home collection, which largely consists of bourbon! I’ve gone through the Bourbon Train in Kentucky 5 times and try to go back every couple of years to see what’s new and what’s changed. Many of those who know me will occasionally text me a photo of a bourbon menu from wherever they are, asking me for recommendations, and so far, I haven’t had anyone complain about them! I also run a group called Bourbon Aficionado where members are always posting what they are drinking, what their favorites are and also making recommendations to new comers! If you’re interested, check it out here!

In this blog you’ll find a mix of posts, mainly focusing on Technology and Whiskey. Of course, it is my blog, so who knows what might pop up now and again! Anyway, I hope each posting is either useful, entertaining or otherwise informative!

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