Octavia 911

Recently I was at a customer who had their compute nodes reboot all at once, but that wasn’t the primary issue. The issue was that when those nodes came back up, the Octavia load balancer that was deployed as part of their Openshift install was hosed. The load balancers were

Inspecting Introspection

Have you ever had a time where introspection was “running” and you were thinking “I really wish I could login to that machine and see what is going on….”? We have all been there and we have all speculated if there was a default password in there or SOMETHING that

Red Hat OSP13+: Ad-hoc Patching Containers

Recently I experienced unhealthy containers in my OSP13 deployment: [root@overcloud-controller-0 ~]# docker ps | grep unheal 8d1596305185 "kolla_start" 23 hours ago Up 23 hours (unhealthy) gnocchi_statsd ef2aeb43a2f0 "kolla_start" 23 hours ago Up 30 minutes (unhealthy) nova_placement Taking a closer look at them, gave me something to look for:

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